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Smoked Ribeye Steaks On Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCook Time35 minsTotal Time50 mins

A ribeye steak on a wood pellet grill is one of the best steaks you will ever eat. A simple recipe that turns out Juicy, flavorful, and easy to grill to perfection.

 2" thick ribeye steaks
 Your favorite steak rub

Preheat pellet grill to low smoke and let ribeye sit at room temp for approximately 30 minutes.


Sprinkle on your favorite steak rub


Place Ribeye on pellet grill and let it smoke for approximately 20-25 minutes


Remove ribeye from pellet grill, adjust pellet grill temp to 400 degrees


Place ribeye back on pellet grill and sear each side approximately 5 minutes. (Searing is usually best on back right side of pellet grill). Insert internal meat probe.


Cook to desired temperature. Steak at 125°F will be rare, 145°F will be medium, and 165°F will be well done. You should pull your steak off 5 degrees before desired temp (It will keep cooking for a short time after removing)


Wrap in foil and let sit 10 minutes before slicing